Project Marathon — a DeFi race you can’t afford to miss

Be ready for the race


  • There are 490 initial MTON tokens.
  • When the supply is higher than 400, each transaction is taxed with 5% (out of which 2.5% is burned, while the rest 2.5% is placed in a reward fund that will be redistributed to the top 🏆 20 holders every 2 days).
  • The burn and reward rates drop 0.5% each time the total supply drops 100 tokens. I.e., between 400–300, the burn and reward rates will be 2%. The reward and the burn rate will be 0% when the total supply reaches 42 tokens.
  • Tokenomics: 49% allocated for Presale, 29% will be allocated to the Uniswap Liquidity Pool, 22% will be used for airdrops and marketing purposes.
  • Presale has a soft cap of 60 ETH and a hard cap of 120 ETH.

Support Channels

The NFT universe

NFTs prototype

Long run




A race to rule them all

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Marathon Finance Team

Marathon Finance Team

A race to rule them all

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