Project Marathon — a DeFi race you can’t afford to miss

Marathon Finance Team
3 min readOct 6, 2020


Every now and then, there comes an opportunity which you simply can’t ignore. Right now, I’m talking about taking part in our DeFi ecosystem. At the risk of being overenthusiastic, I’m going to show you in the following lines why you should “join this marathon” the earliest possible.

Be ready for the race

First, let’s talk a little bit about us, the people behind the project. We are in our 30s, technical but not too much, with an artistic touch but not too much, optimistic and eager to learn new things. Blockchain was always an attractive venue, but this is our first initiative as builders so bear with us. We had the idea of building a true, self-sustaining digital habitat for a while. Starting with a custom crypto coin and ending with a gamified NFT universe, we’ve gathered a few months ago and brainstormed our brains out. Since some of us participate in marathons, an idea sprung — we decided to build a deflationary token, featuring a controlled deflation rate and enhanced by a continuous reward system that could reach a point in time (which we now like to call the Finish line) when it would remain in constant supply. In other words, we’ve designed an ERC-20 token race with the following features:


  • There are 490 initial MTON tokens.
  • When the supply is higher than 400, each transaction is taxed with 5% (out of which 2.5% is burned, while the rest 2.5% is placed in a reward fund that will be redistributed to the top 🏆 20 holders every 2 days).
  • The burn and reward rates drop 0.5% each time the total supply drops 100 tokens. I.e., between 400–300, the burn and reward rates will be 2%. The reward and the burn rate will be 0% when the total supply reaches 42 tokens.
  • Tokenomics: 49% allocated for Presale, 29% will be allocated to the Uniswap Liquidity Pool, 22% will be used for airdrops and marketing purposes.
  • Presale has a soft cap of 60 ETH and a hard cap of 120 ETH.

Support Channels

The NFT universe

NFTs prototype

The initial phase is developing and marketing the MTON token. However, the fun begins as soon as our team completes the ERC-721 contract along with the NFT assets and the Dapp. Our aim is to create a gamified experience of running a marathon per day. With the help of your Common, Rare, Epic or Legendary NFT assets, you will be able to win races, collect dMTONs, upgrade your footwear and improve your ranks. Your assets will increase value, as they can be sold for MTON or ETH via a 3rd party service such as OpenSea. When the total supply reaches 42 in value, the remaining MTON holders will receive unique NFTs.

Long run

After completing the universe presented above, our team plans to contact all major sports shoes producers and invite them to join the NFT platform. It seems they already have an appetite for that kind of race.

Visit Marathon.Finance for more info or join our Telegram group with 24/7 support.