Marathon Community Update #1

Marathon Finance Team
2 min readOct 12, 2020


Hello Marathon friends.

Every week or two, we will be posting these short Marathon updates so the community will have a rough idea of what’s been happening behind the scenes.

Last Week

Last Thursday we had our presale where we just about hit our Soft Cap. Although that wasn’t exactly what we had in mind we still went ahead with the listing and we have to thank our very supportive presale contributors for encouraging us in taking that decision. The listing itself wasn’t without fail, as we had to abandon the original contract due to unsold MTONs being stuck in the bounce pool.

While some of us were organizing the presale and taking care of the technical aspects of launching the project others from the team were building the first designs of what will be the child project of Marathon.Finance which is the much awaited NTF project that is being built while MTONs are decreasing in supply.

Snapshot from 3D model of future NFT sneaker

We have applied at and we submitted a request at also.

This Week

On 10th of October we had the first redistribution of approx. 21.32 tokens from the Rewards address to the 20 top holders + 1 random account.

During the weekend we’ve finalized the first draft of the Lite paper for the upcoming NFT project. We are still in the very early stages of design so we are not going to release it for public scrutiny just yet.

We are actively searching for a senior developer to act as our CTO during the building stage of the ERC 721 contract for the NFT project.

We are also having discussions with a marketing consultant that is intimate with the crypto landscape that will be helping us with branding and marketing related activities. After we get through this stage we will be able to do some better promotional activities.

And we will be getting help as a Telegram community admin from one of our earliest members.

That is about all I have for this update.

Even though there are more things in the pipeline we will be featuring those in upcoming updates and posts.

Be sure to join our Telegram to hangout and learn more about the project.

Thank you for trusting us, we will deliver.

-Marathon team



Marathon Finance Team