Marathon Community Update #3


Hello marathon holders and friends. Here is a short update with what has been achieved since our last community post which was over a week ago.

Last week’s highlights are all to do with building out the NFT smart contract and the dapp infrastructure on which Marathon NFT game is going to built. Realizing that November is fast approaching we feel a bit behind schedule. However, considering that up to this point we are still bootstrapping this project and working on it on our spare time I feel that we are making huge progress.

Some of the main technical achievements are:

  • NFT token deployed on testnet
  • Mint NFTs functionality in testing phase
  • Dapp react and metamask connection working as intended


  • GUI interface basic implementation requires further development
  • NFT stacking build started
NFT minting preview

Until next time hold on on some of those MTON tokens, who knows when they might become useful.

Marathon Team



Marathon Finance Team